Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder Replacement : also known as Traditional Shoulder Replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces the entire shoulder joint of the patient. This method of treatment is for patients who are experiencing stiffness and pain associated with advanced arthritis or another degenerative joint disease.

The procedure replaces the bone surfaces of the shoulder joint with a metal humeral head (ball) attached to a stem inserted in the upper arm (humerus) and is reinforced by polyethylene plastic socket (glenoid).

Dr. Lerner has had extensive clinical experience in the area of shoulder replacement and offers patients a highly personalized level of care. We are dedicated to delivering high quality; life altering results that get you back to moving.

A Partial Shoulder Joint Replacement : is used when the glenoid socket is intact and does not need to be replaced. In this procedure, the humeral component is implanted, and the humeral head (ball) is replaced.

Dr. Lerner is a highly respected leader in orthopedic surgery. His patients who have previously had partial shoulder replacements performed experienced excellent results with decreased pain and enhanced mobility.