Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces the entire hip joint. This method of treatment is for patients who have experienced severe wear to the surrounding cartilage of the hip joint, resulting in bone against bone contact and limiting mobility.

The procedure is performed through an incision along the side or front of the hip, exposing the femoral head (upper portion of the leg), the acetabulum (hip socket), and hip joint.

Dr. Lerner will then proceed to clean the hip socket of debris and remove the neck of the femur. He will then prepare a channel in the femur that will hold the femoral stem, and insert the liner implant into the hip socket.

The procedure is completed upon insertion of the femoral stem and femoral ball joint into the hip socket, thus reforming the hip joint.

Dr. Lerner is the most trusted name in orthopedics within Northern Jersey. Dr. Lerner and his Metropolitan Orthopedic team have extensive experience in performing hip replacements, with patients experiencing world-class care and life changing results.