What is Orthopedic Surgery

When patients hear the words Orthopedic Surgery all they can about think right away are broken bones, but it is much more then just that. Orthopedic Surgery deals with the Musculosketal system, which is comprised of the bones, muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments the body needs for movement. Orthopedic surgeons have to diagnoses and figure out the best treatments necessary for injuries and illness that affect the musculosketal system.

Most treatments do involve the more traditional forms of surgery but advances have been made to help surgeons like Dr. Lerner, to be less invasive and aggressive to patients. Dr. Lerner and the Metropolitan Orthopedic Team are always committed to incorporating advanced techniques and innovative technology into a treatment plan that helps to alleviate physical pain and restores patients back to normal function. As a leading orthopedic surgeon serving New Jersey from his Bergen County office, Dr. Lerner utilizes both state-of-the-art procedures as well as established methods to improve patient outcomes while decreasing pain and recovery time.

Dr. Kent Lerner and the staff at Metropolitan Orthopedics provide New Jersey orthopedic patients with excellent orthopedic care and joint injury treatment. Dr. Lerner specializes in ACL Reconstruction, Ankle Surgery, Arthroscopic Surgery, Carpal Tunnel Surgery, Foot Surgery, Hip Replacement, Joint Preservation Surgery, Knee Replacement, Rotator Cuff Surgery, and Shoulder Replacement. Metropolitan Orthopedics is conveniently located in North Arlington, New Jersey in Bergen County, NJ; minutes from Manhattan.