Overuse Injuries

Not all physical injuries are caused by a sudden event such as a fall or other trauma. Overuse injuries are a broad category of injuries, often caused over time by repetitive use and stress on body tissues, which causes various types of tissue damage and pain. These types of injuries may occur in people of any age. Children are not immune to overuse injuries, and many children, specifically those who participate in sports, are prone to suffer overuse injuries from repetitive motion, exertion, or lack of rest between sports practices or training sessions. Overuse injuries are very common in adults who exercise regularly. People who do not use exercise equipment properly, have improper form when exercising, do not “warm up” before exercising, or wear shoes with inadequate support are prone to overuse injuries.
Many common injuries can be characterized as overuse injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, shin splints. In most cases, overuse injuries are easily resolved with proper treatment. An X-ray or MRI is sometimes required to properly diagnose the injury. Treatment will vary depending on the type of overuse injury and the severity of symptoms.
Dr. Lerner and the Metro Orthopedic team routinely treat all types of overuse injuries. They are committed to providing each patient with comprehensive, state of the art care which includes a personalized treatment plan.